District of Tumbler Ridge Regular Meeting of Council

August 10, 2009

In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors Mackay, Schembri, Beale, Wren, McPherson

Official Minutes can be obtained from Town hall.

1.Call to order: 7:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes

(a) July 13, 2009 Regular Council Meeting-adopted as presented.

(b) July 27, 2009 Special Meeting of Council-adopted as presented.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

At the June 22, 2009 Policies and Priorities Meeting, the Mayor requested that a decision be made in August regarding the appointment to the Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association(NRAHTA).

Mayor White requested this be brought back to a meeting in September after the next NRAHTA meeting in late August.

4. Petitions and Delegations: none

5. Correspondence

(a) Chilko Construction

Council received a letter from Sally McAninch, Chilko Construction, in opposition to the District leasing/renting parking space for commercial vehicles in the District Limits and possible future development of District Lands for the same purpose.

Councillor Beale has requested Chilko Construction send a list of services their company provides. Currently they provide overnight and long term parking.

Mayor White inquired if their business application/license made any reference to parking. Ms. Isaak, CAO, explained there was nothing on the application that said anything about parking or storage.

Council has decided to invite Chilko Construction to a future council meeting to open up the lines of communication.

(b) Tumbler Ridge Public Library

Council received a letter from Brenda Holmlund on behalf of Tumbler Ridge Board of Trustees, requesting Council support for continued funding from the province for libraries in BC.

Tumbler Ridge Library will lose $16,300 and Province wide libraries will lose $18 million. This would greatly affect programs like the summer reading club and Itchy Feet.

A motion to write a letter in support of the fight to keep this funding-carried.

6. Bylaws: none

7. New Business

(a) UBCM Meeting with a Minister

Mayor and Council are requesting meetings with the following:

·Minister of Forests and Range, Pat Bell, to discuss timber allocations for Biomass projects.

·Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Shirley Bond, to discuss the road to Kinuseo falls.

·Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Kevin Krueger, to discuss the museum.

·Minister of Community and Rural Development, Bill Bennett, to discuss municipal boundary expansion.

·Minster of Health Services, Kevin Falcon, to discuss the nursing situation in Tumbler Ridge.

(b) Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation Home Based Business Christmas Sale

The Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation would like to hold a home-based business sales opportunity in the Community Centre November 20 and 21st, 2009.

They have already been approved for a fee waiver for the event.

The recommendation : That Council allow the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation to promote a home-based business Christmas sale in the community centre, if they are unsuccessful obtaining other commercial space, in November 2009-has been approved.

Council would like the Foundation to contact the new hotel to see if there is an opportunity to obtain the conference centre at a reduced rate or at no cost.

(c) Community Centre Envelope Project

The recommendation:

That Council enter into a contract with Silex to complete the Community Centre Envelope project at a cost of $5,517,910.00-approved.

$3,700,000 has already been allocated in the 2009 capital budget. The shortfall of $1,817,910 will be funded through the Recreation Infrastructure Canada grant and through accessing the total MFA loan. If the district is not successful in securing the grant, additional long-term borrowing of $817,910 will be required.

(d) New Sale Prices for District Lots

The recommendation:

That Council approve the new appraised prices for lot Q, the district owned lots in the Service Commercial and Heavy Industrial Subdivisions-carried

Some of the Commercial Lots have been joined together. There is a new paired price for these larger lots.

Council expressed the need for more advertisement to get the word out these lots are available.

(e) Council Travel Expense Approval

District has been working with Urban Systems Ltd on setting the foundation for attracting new residential housing development to Tumbler Ridge. The local mining companies are willing to meet with Urban Systems Ltd and representatives from Council in September to discuss this.

The recommendation:

That Council approve travel expenses to Vancouver on September 15-16th, 2009 for Councillor Mackay and any expenses Mayor White incurs outside of his personal travel, to meet with representatives from the local mining companies regarding the facilitation of new housing development in Tumbler Ridge-carried.

(f)Schedule of Meetings

Policies and Priorities: August 17, September 14th and 28th

Regular Meeting: September 8th and 21st.

8.Councillors Business

The following is a summary of Councillors Business that pertains to Council.

Council had a tour of the Community Centre to see the work that needs to be done on the community centre envelope.

Councillor Beale would like to see a full financial report for Grizfest. He would like full details. Councillor Wren commented Dave Price, Senior?s Needs coordinator, took a walk around town. The conclusion: there is still a lot that needs to be done to make the town more accessible.

Councillor Wren has had a couple of comments on the state of the caboose and the visitors centre. He commented it needs some ?sprucing up?.

Councillor McPherson commented there is a need to put up signs for the boat launch, at the Murray River, but this needs to be discussed with Ministry of Transportation.

Mayor White had a meeting with our MLA, Blair Lekstrom. Mr. Lekstrom would like a copy of the resolution Council is sending to the UBCM regarding Segways.

Mayor White and Mr. Lekstrom also discussed the library funding. It is highly unlikely this will change and the Province of BC has a huge deficit.

Mayor White has been contacted by another party regarding a Biomass plant. Council is moving forward with Pat Jarvis, so whatever comes first will continue on explained Mayor White.

Mayor White will be fulfilling his campaign promise of spending a day in a wheelchair. He hopes to do this before the snow falls and when the snow is on the ground.

9. Question and Answer period: none

10. Close Meeting items:

(a) land

11. Adjournment: 8:20pm