District of Tumbler Ridge ? Special Meeting of Council

June 22, 2009 1. Call to order: 6:45pm

2.Grant in aid: Tumbler Ridge Public Library

The grant in aid application for the Tumbler Ridge Public library had been approved based on the condition that the library?s quarterly financial report be received by Town Hall prior to the disbursement of the next scheduled payment. This is grant in aid policy. As of June 22, 2009 the library had yet to provide these financial statements. Michele Schalekamp, Chief Financial Officer, explained to Council the second quarter cheque is dated for May 2nd and is in the amount of $66,191.25. The library has requested Town Hall release $12,759.90 of the second quarter funding to cover wages for July 2nd, 2009.

The recommendation that Council release the portion of the second quarter grant to the Tumbler Ridge Public Library to cover the July 2nd wages, amounting to $12,759.90-approved.

Comments/Questions: Councillor McManus commented he is not sure why it appears to be a struggle to get information from the library. Councillor Mackay thinks an ultimatum should be given. The library needs to get in their papers, or this will be the last of the funding.

Councillor McPherson stated he would be able to take Council?s comments and concerns to the next Library board meeting. Councillor Beale stated, ?to have the books done is a simple requirement?. He also expressed he does not want to see anyone going home without a paycheque.

It was noted the Library will now be dealing with an accounting firm and therefore should have their paperwork in order soon.