District opposes sale of Ridley

Trent Ernst, Editor
Mayor Wren has drafted a letter to the Government of Canada expressing its concern over the sale of Ridley Island terminals. 
The letter was approved by council at the most recent council meeting, and will be sent to Michael Carter, the Executive Vice President of Canada Development Investment Corporation, who have been given the task of finding a buyer, and Ted Menzies, Minister of State (Finance). 
In an earlier discussion of the sale, Wren says he received a phone call a few hours before the announcement was made. “That is not consultation,” said Wren. In the letter, Wren urges the government to consult with local governments impacted by the sale. However, the letter goes on to say “we support maintaining Ridley Terminals as publicly owned.”

The letter is as follows:

Dear Mr Carter;
Re: Proposed Sale of Ridley Terminals

At the December 18, 2012 and the January 8, 2013 Regular Meetings, the District of Tumbler Ridge Council reviewed and discussed the correspondence sent from the President of the North Central Local Government Association, expressing concerns with the proposed sale of the Ridley Terminals. 
The District of Tumbler Ridge echoes these sentiments and strongly encourages that local government, who are impacted by this decision, be adequately consulted prior to the terms of sale being established for Ridley Terminals. An opportune time for dialogue is the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Conventions. 
We support maintaining Ridley Terminals as publicly owned asset is the only way to truly ensure that this invaluable asset will continue to operate in a fair, transparent and open manner that maximizes opportunities to diversify and grow our economy. 
Regards, Darwin Wren  Mayor