District workers set healthy living trend in growing community

TUMBLER RIDGE – The 40 district workers of Tumbler Ridge, represented by CUPE 2979, are pleased to announce ratification of a new collective agreement that ensures the workers benefit in the prosperity and growth the community is experiencing.

The new agreement includes a trend setting $300 a year Healthy Living Allowance to be used to defray the cost of memberships/tuition in local health, exercise or recreation facilities and programs.

?District employees work hard to keep up with the growing infrastructure and needs of our community,? says CUPE 2979 President Chris Homister. While the current population of Tumbler Ridge is under 5,000, the infrastructure has grown to accommodate double the population.

?A strong and positive working relationship with the District has ensured that we get a fair share of the prosperity around us and a commitment to the health and well-being of our members.?

Ratified recently, the agreement includes a 12.5% wage increase over the next four and half years, extended health and benefit improvements and contract language aimed at preserving positive management and labour relations.

CUPE 2979 represents Tumbler Ridge?s 40 district workers who provide quality public services – including water and sewage, clerical, recreation, building inspection, and bylaw enforcement – to the community.