Do You Ever Think About Your Garbage?

Here?s something to consider: all that stuff in the garbage can is stuff you bought. It is packaging, spoiled food, broken things or the bags you brought them home in. Have you ever considered how much you are spending on garbage?

Not only do you pay for the things in your garbage can, you have to pay (through taxes) to have it ?managed? too. Someone comes in a truck to the curb to pick up the garbage. It is then hauled to the transfer site and waits until another truck and driver pick it up from there and drive it to the Chetwynd landfill. Someone there operates the machinery that buries it. And someone else monitors the landfill, keeping watch on things like methane and leachate.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and you may not ever need the garbage can. For purchasing and packaging tips, order Be a Green Shopper brochure from Waste Reduction Office at 242-4696. It is also available on-line at

The 2006 pRRRdy Partner Awards will be presented in June. Traditionally awarded in October, the move will have the regional environmental awards coincide with Environment Week. There are four categories: Individual/Family, Business, Public Sector and Educator. Anyone who is making an effort to ?go green? is encouraged to submit a nomination by the deadline of May 12th. Self-nominations are encouraged.