Don?t forget about insurance

Renovations often increase the value of your home, which is why you must always inform your insurance company of any renovations you undertake. Whether you renovate your bathroom or kitchen, change your doors or windows, or add a solarium or garage, you will want your improvements to be covered in case of disaster. On the other hand, certain renovations, such as redoing your roof or upgrading the plumbing or electrical system, might even reduce your premiums.

If you acquire new valuables like a home theatre system, a computer or a fireplace, it is important that they, too, be covered by your insurance policy. In the case of a wood stove, you definitely must inform your insurance company, and, of course, the installation must be up to code. Other additions, such as a swimming pool, may not be automatically covered and may require supplementary insurance.

If you act as a contractor for a construction or renovation project, you will need specialized insurance, particularly if you employ others for any part of the work being done.

Inform your insurance company of any planned renovations or additions to your home. If for some reason you must carry out emergency work before it is possible to inform your insurance company, you should inform them as soon as you can. To protect their own interests, insurance companies will often inspect homes that have undergone renovations.