Dorothy?s Road Trip Draws Praise

The curtain call is always the high point of a show for me. I love that sense of accomplishment gleaming on a performer?s face, as they take a bow and drink in the applause. Melo-dramatic, you say? Of course! That is what theater is all about.

Sixteen youths, grades ranging from seven to twelve, gave four performances of Dorothy?s Road Trip. The performances all took place at Tumbler Ridge Secondary School (TRSS). Two evening performances took place for public audience, as well as two special performances for students. During the daytime on January 14th, the Tumbler Ridge Elementary (TRE) school children were brought to TRSS for one performance and then the TRSS students were treated to the same the next afternoon.

By all accounts and crowd reaction, the residents of Tumbler Ridge greatly appreciated the effort and end result of the show. The show director, writer and lighting technician, Mrs. Tracy Krauss certainly had all things in order, with the assistance of stage manager Janet Delpierre, sound technician Chelsea Girton. As well, Krauss acknowledged help from husband Gerald Krauss; TRSS and TRSS Leadership group; the parents of the actors; Youth Actors of Watson Lake (YAWL); District of Tumbler Ridge; Erin Hanna and Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council.

The youth team practiced up to three times a week, after school hours, from September through to January. Showing great dedication to the project, the group of actors, technicians and managers did a fantastic job.

If I could add some cheeky tabloid journalism, I did have an ?inside source? who kept me informed of a few notable hurdles the cast had to overcome. This is not meant to undermine anybody else?s obstacles, that I may not have caught wind of. Jenna Merrick who played the Wicked Witch with an infectious and hilarious laugh, barely made it to stage as she sprained her ankle shortly before the show. The show must go on! Also suffering from a sore throat, the powerful and terrible Oz, as played by Skylar McArthur.

A great job by all the cast members, as they kept everyone in the audience entertained and the production itself ran smoothly. Kudos to this extra-curricular group for a fine job and especially to Tracy Krauss and Janet Delpierre for all of the time they gave to see this through. I certainly hope that this is the first of many more works from this arts and culture assemblage.

It would also be wonderful if drama was incorporated back into the curriculum as it evidently shows the building of skills such as creativity, dedication, commitment, organization, confidence, public speaking and performance, as well as countless other invaluable proficiencies to help our young people mature into upstanding citizens of the future.

I am glad to see this group preparing shows for the public, rather than complaining about how there is nothing to do.

Applause, applause.