Dosanjh Irrelevant say NDP

Recent statements by a former premier have drawn pointed replies from federal NDP members. Candidate Michael Hunter says that Ujhal Dosanjh?s comments suggesting the party is out of touch are more about self-doubt than anything else. Speaking from his home in Tumbler Ridge Hunter said, ?This is an individual who sold out his principles for political patronage. Now he sees Jack Layton demonstrate the kind of leadership he lacks, and the only way to reconcile matters is to strike out blindly and try to draw some attention to himself. Can you really take someone like that seriously??

The Prince George ? Peace River candidate is just as direct when answering the questions raised by the former premier. ?To say that standing up for public healthcare is irrelevant shows just how out of touch Dosanjh and the Liberal Party really are?, Hunter notes. ?Only the NDP has said that they will respect and protect the public healthcare system in Canada. We know that healthcare and elder care issues will be front and centre in the next federal election. We know that? he says, ?because Canadians have put them there, and we are going to keep them there.?

Dosanjh has been under fire since Paul Martin made the decision to appoint him instead of referring his selection to a regular nomination process. In response to claims that the appointments only affect a small number of ridings, Hunter asks why there are any at all. ?The hasn?t even been an election call, so why are there any appointments at this stage? Claims that you are going to fix the democratic problems faced by Canadians ring hollow when you conduct yourself like that. Actions speak louder then words.?

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