Downwater Union

Like a sonic maelstrom, Downwater Union is stirring the waters of a stagnant music industry.

Hailing from Tumbler Ridge, Downwater Union has a sound that is both hard to define, yet comfortingly familiar at the same time.

Downwater Union is comprised of the remaining members of Heavy Things, and has been playing across Northern BC, since an impromptu jam at the Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club inspired the boys to start writing their own music. After a few line-up changes, the band settled on its final line-up in 2007.

They released their first album, Put to the Test, in 2009, which became the best-selling (and only) album by a group based in Tumbler Ridge for that year, and quite possibly that decade.

The first track, ‘Don’t Feed the Weasel’ quickly became the band’s most popular song, garnering radio play around the region.

In 2012, one of the members left to pursue his career, and the three remaining members began woodshedding, writing new music and refining a new sound, changing their name to Downwater Union.

These days, the band consists of Ray Proulx, guitars and vocals, Blaine Broderick, bass and vocals, and Trent Ernst, drums.

Ray Proulx, guitarist for the band says the new songs draw from a variety of influences, from progressive rock to punk and from Black Sabbath to Metric. “At heart we are a group of music lovers with a wide variety of musical tastes.  I’m proud that we’ve been able to focus these into songs that are distinctly ours, yet reflect different shades of what moves us”.

For Grizfest, the band will be drawing from new songs, old favourites and giving a nod to other artists.  Most exciting is that they will be venturing into new territory with the addition of some good friends to the stage for a performance festival goers will not want to miss.