On Wednesday, January 16, School District #59 held a dinner in appreciation of the 13 year partnership between BCIT and the District. ?The stories abound in the district about the difference you have each made in the life chances of our students?? remarked Judy Clavier, School District #59 Board Chair during the evening festivities. She was speaking about Rene Tremblay and Rick Hall who were the BCIT instructors.

February 1st will mark the last day of the BCIT partnership. Northern Lights College has expanded its role in dual credit course offering, by taking over the BCIT campus and the two programs. While signs on the campus may have changed, the passion and commitment to the students enrolled in the Heavy Duty-Commercial Transport and Automotive Service Programs have not.

Rene Tremblay will remain as instructor of the Heavy Duty-Commercial Transport Program and Rick Hall will become the instructor of the Automotive Services Program. Tremblay and Hall were both actively involved with the BCIT programs.

The legacy BCIT leaves our community can be seen in many places. It is evident at our local dealerships and businesses where many of the graduates of the programs are now employed. It can also be seen in the smiling faces of those children who participated in the go-cart program.

School District #59 appreciates the dedicated BCIT staff who have inspired so many students from this district to achieve their goals and now looks forward to the new relationship with Northern Lights College.