Fire breaks out at dump

Lynsey Kitching
On Sunday Sept. 23, Fire Chief Matt Treit was called at home by some individuals who reported smoke rising from the dump. 
As he was on his way over to check it out, he received the page that it was in fact a real fire. 
When the fire department arrived, they had to wait for a water truck because there is no fire hydrant at the dump. 
The water truck arrived and the fire was successfully put out. To make sure the blaze was totally extinguished; the crew used a backhoe to dig through the garbage to make sure the fire wouldn’t start up again. Treit says, “I don’t think it started from natural causes.”
As of now there are no leads as to parties responsible. 
If you have any information please contact the Fire hall at 250-242-3939 or the RCMP at 250-242-5252.