Earth Day

In last week?s article, I mentioned that Earth Day is a time to put environmental slogans into action! A couple of my favourites are Don?t pour water down the drain and Every day is Earth Day!

This week the call to action is Water Conservation.

Water is essential to our daily lives. Canadians use almost 350 litres of water every day to cook, clean, keep our lawns and gardens green and growing and for a dozen other uses. That adds up to a lot of water! In fact, we use twice as much water as Europeans and more than ten times as much water as the average African uses.

Why should you conserve water?

Just 1% of the entire water supply in the world is available for human use — the rest is salty or locked in ice caps and glaciers. Just this relatively small 1% keeps all the world?s agricultural, manufacturing, community and personal household and sanitation needs operating. We actually drink very little of our processed ?drinking water?; around 1% of all treated water. The rest goes on lawns, in washing machines, and down toilets and drains!

A good water conservation program is mostly a matter of using common sense and taking the time to think about water and how you use it. Get your entire family involved in this program, since the habits learned at an early age will make your children better environmental citizens in the future. If we all practice water conservation, everyone — and everything — benefits. Remember: Don?t pour water down the drain!

Here are a few facts about water use.

?Inside your home, 75% of water is used in the bathroom.

?We frequently use twice as much water in the summer and most of it is used outdoors.

?A lawn sprinkler uses 50% more water in one hour than a combination of TEN toilet flushes, 2 five-minute showers, 2 dishwasher loads and a full load of clothes.

?Adding compost to your soil increases its water holding capacity so you use water more efficiently.

Try some of these tips to reduce the amount of water you use each day.

?Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and use short bursts of water for rinsing.

?Place plastic bottle filled with sand in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used in each flush–or even. better, replace your old toilet with a more efficient low-flush model.

?Install water conserving shower and faucet heads.

?Turn taps off completely so they don?t drip.

?Fill the dishwasher with dishes before running it.

These tips and more can be found in the brochure Don?t pour water down the Drain. Other brochures are available on our website,, or contact Tumbler Ridge?s eco-educator, Karen Thomas, at 242-4696.

This is the second in a series of articles leading up to Earth Day. The next article will have ideas on way to conserving energy.