Easter Egg Hunt a Snowy Success

Jeff Cooper, as Willy Wonka, after his stint at the pie throwing booth.

Jeff Cooper, as Willy Wonka, after his stint at the pie throwing booth.

Trent Ernst, Editor

March went out like a lion, if you think about lions as found in Africa where it is bright and sunny and warm.

The warmth of the day was not enough to get rid of the snow that covered the fields at TRE, but it was enough to consolidate it, making it easy for kids to walk on it to find Easter Eggs during the Lion’s annual Easter egg hunt.

Jeff Cooper, local Lion and organizer of the event says that there was about $1200 worth of chocolates distributed. “There were about 400 people there, adults and kids,” says Cooper, making it one of the biggest ever.
Cooper said he has spent the last month and a half planning for the event, tracking down sponsors, dealing with suppliers and brainstorming new ideas.

While the core of the day—the Easter Egg Hunt—was like the previous few year, there were a few new additions. Cooper says that the Children’s Choir performed at the event for the first time. “They were so vibrant, they had me up and dancing,” says Cooper.

Another new addition was the Work in Progress (WIP) program’s pie throwing booth, where, for a donation, you could throw a pie pan full of whip cream at local personalities, from Fire Chief Matt Treit, to local teacher Mark Deeley, to Cooper himself. “I got whip cream in my ear and couldn’t hear out of that side all day,” say Cooper.

The booth was a fundraiser for the WIP Program, which is to help special needs kids in this town participate in sports. Cooper says they raised about $300.

Cooper says that the face painters were there before things started until “well after it was finished”, painting faces. “Sparky showed up, as did the Easter bunny, Grizzly Sam showed up, too. Actually, we didn’t know that there is Grizzly Sam and Miner Mike. We’ve always used Miner Mike, because Grizzly Sam was tucked away farther back in the Community Centre.” Cooper is grateful for the parents and teens that volunteered to help, some on-site. “We had people just volunteer at the last minute, which was great to see, because it couldn’t have been done without them.”

And the worry about the snow? “Everyone was concerned we were having it there, but it was a great day. We are at the beck and call of mother nature, but it went well. This is the earliest one we’ve had in a long time.”