Easter Weekend Services held in Tumbler Ridge

More than 40 people arrived at the tennis courts behind Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary at 10:15am on Good Friday, to continue their tradition to raise the consciousness of everyone, Christian and non-Christian, of their belief in what the Cross represents.

The journey began on the pathway leading from Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary School towards town. Each locale had a reading of the scripture, a moment of reflection and prayer.

The first speaker was Pastor George Rowe, from New Life Assembly Church, who spoke about education.

The second speaker, in front of the Health Clinic and Community Centre, was Josey Pindera, representing the Holy Cross Church. She spoke on family life.

The third speakers, at Shop Easy, were Pastor Ben Kostamo and his wife, Val. They represented House on the Rock Church and spoke about poverty.

The fourth speaker was at Town Hall, Ed Thiede, representing St. Paul Church. Interestingly, St. Paul, in this instance, is an acronym for Presbyterian, Anglican, United and Lutheran.

Ken Campbell, Liberation Ministries, represented Simon, referred to in the bible as a man from the crowd, spoke about justice at the RCMP station.

The sixth and final speaker was at the cenotaph, Pastor Doug Spinney from Fellowship Baptist Church and he spoke on peace.

This is the fourth year for this traditional reflection on the fourteen Stations of the Cross. The event is made possible through the Tumbler Ridge Ministerial Association and is coordinated by Brian Sipe. Sipe says that he desired to see this tradition here, as he had experienced similar Good Friday traditions in other parts of the country, where this same ritual is done every year. While it is known as a Catholic tradition, the ceremony has become a shared ritual for most Christian denominations.

A crude and simple wooden cross from the Salvation Army had the initials INRI on it, which in Latin, Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum translates to Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. Community members gathered during the Way of the Cross Walk to honour the memory of the One they worship and remember what Easter means to people around the world.