Editorial: Back in the saddle again, again

Trent Ernst, Editor


Expect to be hearing a lot about bike riding in the next few months.

Yes, haha, what else is new. I know. I like biking, what can I say?

But this time, it’s a bit different.

You see, I just got word that I was accepted as a rider for this year’s Cops for Cancer Tour de North.

This hits on so many different levels, it’s ridiculous. We’ve talked about all of them before but—let’s be honest here—no one actually pays attention to what I say, so nobody is going to notice that I’m covering the same ground.

First off, there’s the whole biking thing, which we touched on above. There’s a twist, though. I ride mountain bike, this is a road bike event.

My first worry is about the road bikes themselves. I mean, I’m not exactly what you’d call a small person with delicate sensibilities. I ride a mountain bike and I ride it hard. Will a road bike survive me?

Yes. Or at least, that’s what they tell me. As part of the deal, Cycle Logic in Prince George will be supplying me with a road bike, and not just any road bike, but one of those nice, fancy, carbon fibre ones. (For those who know roadbikes, it’s a Cannondale Synapse. I know, right?) To my eyes, road bikes have always been lightweight, but according to the Cannodale website, these things are military grade carbon composite, weighing in at less than 20 lbs, but able to carry up to 285 lbs.

Speaking of 285 lbs, that’s exactly the weight I was at when I discovered I had type II diabetes just before Christmas. In the intervening three months, I’ve lost about 30 lbs. While I’ve always argued that I never really cared about being thin, just about being healthy, the facts were I wasn’t either, as evidenced by the diagnosis.

So, I’ve set myself a mission to get into something resembling shape, and having to spend the next six months training to ride a road bike from Dawson Creek to William’s Lake? That’ll certainly be a kick in the seat of the proverbial pants.

But ultimately, the reason why I am doing this is for my kids. Well, kid, actually.

I’ve written about it before, but you might not have been here at the time, but when my eldest daughter (now 11) was six years old, she went to the hospital complaining about stomach pains. They thought it might be appendicitis, but turns out, it was ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer. Six years old. Makes one want to rage at the sky, screaming why? And the truth is, the scientists are still in the dark.

We were blindsided by her getting cancer, and we sort of fumbled our way through the whole thing. But it’s not anything I’d wish on any parent.

So if by doing this, I can raise awareness of the resources available, then by all means, I am going to tell people about it. If by doing this, I can raise money to help these kids and their families, I’m in.

And yes, I will be doing both as part of my agreeing to do this. I’ll let you know more about it in a few weeks (I just got the preliminary email today), but if you were thinking about supporting me, that would be wonderful.

Funds raised will go towards research programs to understand and treat childhood cancer, as well as support programs for kids and their families, primarily Camp Goodtimes.

Next month is cancer awareness month. Expect to hear a lot more about this then. You have been forewarned.