Editorial: News news

Trent Ernst, Editor


Well, it’s official. We are now settled into our new digs.

If you didn’t show up on Friday to our open house, you missed a shindig. There was dancing on the tables, wine, women, song… okay, would you believe coffee and snacks?

A dozen or so people came through to say hi and check out our new space, which is far more intimate than our previous space. Which is to say, smaller.

But what it lacks in size it makes up for in window space and, far more importantly, a bathroom fan (trust me on that one) and the ability to actually control the temperature. In our previous office, the only way to keep it from being hellfire hot was to open a door.

We put a lot of work into getting the space ready, and it’s looking pretty good. I mean, it’s no Teck, but we like it.

Roger and Peter Holmes from Star Press dropped by, which was totally unexpected. Star Press are the folks who print our paper, coming in all the way from Wainwright, AB just to say hi. They brought us a bound copy of our 2014 paper when they came, too, which was totally cool.

Thanks to Darryl over at Shop Easy for donating some of the food for the open house, as well as Bill, John, Marise, Brian and Murray who did the lion’s share of the work getting the office ready. Thanks also to Advantage Relocation, Ace Hardware, K&F Enterprises (Sewing by Karin) and to our new landlord, Lorne for all the help in getting us settled into our new digs.

In other news, a lot of people have been asking after Loraine. If you don’t know Loraine, she is the owner and publisher of our fine establishment. She is also a very private person, so the stock answer has been “she’s not in right now.”

But having spent the last 80 days in the hospital, she has asked me to write a little about her situation.

She went to Prince George nearly three months ago to have an operation on her left leg. For the last couple of years, she’s been struggling with circulation issues due to diabetes, and this operation was supposed to help.

It didn’t. A few days after her operation, she says three doctors came into her room and told her that she had gangrene. They wanted to operate and take a part of her leg off. “After a few minutes of stunned silence,” says Loraine, “I told them I couldn’t let them do that without having time to think about it. I couldn’t do it.”

According to Loraine, they told her that for each day she took in deciding, she would lose another inch or two of her leg.

“I don’t think I looked at my leg again,” she says. “The following morning I asked the nurse to contact the doctor. When he came in I said okay fine, you can operate. But don’t take any more of my leg than you have to.” They took off her left leg to just below the knee.

Unfortunately, she says, there have been even more complications. The leg is not healing. And, at the same time, she started to develop issues with her right foot, with the bottom of her heel, and they operated on that, too.

She says that now, the doctors are looking at a way of making a cast to take the weight off her right heel and put it onto the front of her foot so she can walk. “If that happens, I’ll get out sooner. I have to be able to manipulate my right leg to do everything for my left leg. The idea is balance.”

So, what does the future hold. “People are asking if I’ll sell my house. My decision right now is no. How will I deal with stairs? We’ll deal with that. Will I sell the business? No. I’m coming back.”

How long will that take? “December, probably,” she says. In the meantime, we here at the paper will continue to bring you all the news that’s fit to print about life in Tumbler Ridge. Be watching for our special election issue (next issue, we hope), as well as the last two installments from Pam Broderick’s trip to Europe, and our new, continuing TRSS News. Onwards and upwards.