Editorial: Places to go, things to see

Trent Ernst, Editor

This weekend marks the start of summer events season in the Peace with the Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship.

Yes, okay, so there have already things happening all along, but the Chainsaw Carving is generally the first big summer event in the Peace Country.

This weekend is also the Tumbler Ridge Triathlon.

If neither of those things is to your liking, you can catch the Sweetwater 905 Music Festival near Rolla, or the Big Bam June Jam in Taylor.

The weekend after is the Northern Classic Body Building show in Fort St John, and the start of the Drag Racing Season at Northern Lights Speedway.

The weekend after that, Pioneer Village opens in Dawson Creek.

And then we’re into Canada Day and fireworks here in Tumbler Ridge, the Summer Cruise Car show in Dawson Creek the next weekend and before you know it, we’re at the Quintette Reunion, Grizfest and the Emperor’s Challenge.

And after that, we’re into Fall Fair in Dawson Creek and suddenly, summer starts to wind down.

I was reminded of the brevity of summer last week as I was setting up the paper for the next few months. Usually this is driven by the Crossword, as I download the crosswords, then put them into the correct folders.

Well, setting up the crossword in May, brought me all the way to September.

We could lament the shortness of summer, complain about the hand we’re dealt, shake our fists at those people who have been seeing warm temperatures for the last month already.

Or we could accept the fact that summer is short and choose to actively embrace it. Get out there and live life to its fullest. All these things that are happening? They are there for you to enjoy and to experience.

Not everything will be to your liking. I know many people who are not big fans of Grizfest, for instance. And most of you are not running the Emperor’s Challenge.

That’s okay. Because generally there’s more than one thing happening every weekend.

Instead of Grizfest (and I’m going to be at Grizfest, but you may, I don’t know, be deaf, or something), for instance, you could choose to go to the Dunvegan Fresh Air Event at Dunvegan Provincial Park across the boundary in Alberta.

Or, you may decide that Tea with the South Peace Horticultural Society in Dawson Creek is more your speed.

Or, you may decide to forego all these events and instead climb a mountain or boat down a river or just go to your favourite Forestry Service Campsite and spend the weekend relaxing.

There is no right thing that you must do, but do something you must.

To chose simply to let summer pass you by, to not get out there and do something is to fail to embrace that what makes the Peace Country so awesome.

Fall is awesome around here, and winter offers some great chances to explore, but for me at least, summer is what makes life in Tumbler Ridge, life in the Peace Country, worthwhile.

Yes, summer is all to brief, and passes by too fast for most, but if you fail to embrace it, if you don’t jump in with both feet and enjoy it, then you will miss it.

To paraphrase Edna St. Vincent Millay, summer here in the Peace Country burns at both ends, it will not last the night, but oh my friends and, oh my foes, it gives a lovely light.