Editorial: Ten things to do in Tumbler Ridge this summer

Trent Ernst, Editor


Canada Day has come and gone and Tumbler Ridge is in the heart of a heat wave. No matter how you define it, summer is here.

I love Tumbler Ridge in summer. I have yet to look out on a perfect summer day and say, “man, I wish this would end,” because, soon enough, it will end, and we will move into fall and then it’s another six months of snow. But for now, it is summer. And with summer comes a stack of things to accomplish in the scant few days we have left.

I have compiled a to-do list for you, a list of things that define summer here in Tumbler Ridge. (Do note that if you chose to try any or all of these things, I am not to be held responsible if you accidentally injure yourself or blow up your deck while BBQing.)

Jump off Flatbed Falls

Flatbed Falls defines summer in Tumbler Ridge. On a hot day, there are dozens of people down at the falls, wading, sunbathing and, of course, swimming in the pool at the base of the falls. The best way to get to that pool is by jumping off the ledge on the far side from the trailhead…assuming there are no logs lurking below the water.

Hike to the top of a mountain

Summer is hiking season, and there are some phenomenal destinations to get to. If all you know are the trails around town, get out and go to one of the destinations farther afield. While the mountains further south are pointy and mostly accessible with ropes and climbing gear, many of the mountains around here can be accessed with little more than a few hours and sweat.  From Mount Spieker to Cowmoose Mountain to the tarns in Monkman Provincial Park, take some time and climb a mountain.

Barbecue something

You can’t walk down the street in summer without smelling something delicious on the grill. Not only does food taste better when cooked outside, cooking outside means that it doesn’t get quite so hot inside. So fire up the barbie, grab a steak and enjoy.

Spend a night at Gwillim Lake

Summer is camping season, so get out there and camp! Gwillim Lake is one of the nicest campgrounds in the local area, but Moose Lake, Stoney Lake and even Flatbed Creek  are great places to get away from the daily grind and experience life from a different angle.

See Kinuseo Falls

The road out to the falls has been crap the last few years, but they’ve actually gone out and graded the road. It’s probably still crap, but at least it’s accessible.

Watch the sun rise/set

In winter, the sun barely gets above the horizon, and by early evening the sky is black as pitch. But in summer, especially in early summer, the sunset lasts all night, and there’s something magical about the colour of blue that the sky is at midnight in July.

Go to Grizfest

No, I’m not just saying this because my band is playing this year. Well, okay, I’m not saying this *only* because my band is playing (Sunday at 3:00pm), but Grizfest is the biggest event on the Tumbler Ridge cultural calendar.

Play a round of golf

Seriously. We have the best golf course in the North, and one of the nicest this side of the Rockies.

drive at least one road you’ve never been on

I love exploring the backroads around here. Some of the roads lead nowhere, but some will take you to hidden wonders and places that few have ever seen. Just, you know, let someone know where you’re going before you head out.

Spend a day at Flatbed.

Are there more? Certainly. But there’s less than 60 days left of summer and you’re still sitting there reading the paper. Come on! Get out there and get exploring. Summer won’t last forever.

Note: There’s a lot of people who are going out of town for summer, or leaving. If you get the paper delivered to your house and are planning one being away for the summer or are moving, please let us know, so there’s not a pile of papers on your porch when you get back. 250-242-5343.