Editorial: The path to the dark side

Trent Ernst, Editor


One of the wisest and greenest puppets once said “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

It seems, sadly, that much of the world is on this path. Even here in Tumbler Ridge, we’ve seen people who are full of fear.

What are they afraid of? Refugees.

Well, okay, not specifically refugees. They are in fear or the terrorists that might be embedded in the refugees, coming to Canada to cause mayhem and mischief. I have a friend down in Vancouver who had a conversation with a stranger on the bus, who expected to see terrorists marching down the streets by the end of the year.

But the whole point of terrorism is to create fear. Terror.

Being scared allows the real terrorists to win. Creating fear? Terrifying people? This is their stock and trade. They send off an email saying they’re going to bomb the West Edmonton Mall. Meanwhile, they’re sitting in Raqqa enjoying a nice fig slurpee.

The thing is, people outside Canada are more at risk from Canadian Terrorists who travel abroad as a form of “extremist travel” (as opposed to extreme travel, which is doing things like walking across Africa with nothing but the clothes on your back and what you can carry).

In 2013, Xristos Katsiroubas helped carry out an attack on an Algerian gas plant, where 38 people died. While the attacks had links to al-Qaeda, Katsiroubas himself was of Greek descent and came from London, Ontario.

Of the 200 or so recorded terrorist incidents or arrests in Canada in the last 50 years, ten (from the late 1960s and 1970s) were related to Cuba. Five were carried out by Sikh extremists, three were Armenian nationalists, while a whopping 160 were perpetrated the FLQ.

Only eight incidents on Canadian soil were perpetrated by Islamistic Extremist, most of them ending with arrests before anything happened. In the last 50 years, only two people have died in Canada related to Islamist  Extremists.

Meanwhile, since 2005, more than a quarter of a million refugees have arrived in Canada and not committed any terrorist attacks. (The closest we’ve seen is Raed Jaffer, a stateless Palestinian who was arrested in a plot to blow up a VIA train in 2013. His refugee claims were denied, though he stayed in Canada.)

There is no guarantee that non of these refugees are terrorists. More importantly, there is no way to guarantee that they won’t be radicalized once they move here. But then again, there is no way that you can guarantee that a Ontario boy raised so Greek Orthodox that his very name is “Christ” won’t be radicalized, either. Statistically, you’re five times more likely to be killed by a moose than by a terrorist.

Yet people are still scared. And that fear leads to anger. Worse, that anger is typically misplaced. Why is the Canadian Government helping these people? Why are these people coming at all? Instead of being angry at the people who have destroyed these people’s homes and forced them to flee for their lives, we instead become angry at the people who are fleeing. And we begin to hate them, for inconveniencing us. For upsetting the status quo. Simply for being different, or for being here.

They steal our jobs, date our women and pollute the pureness of the Canadian race. Death to the infidels! Canada is great!

And thus, our journey to the dark side is nearly complete. All we need to do is take up our weapons and strike them down in all of our hatred, and our journey to the dark side will be complete, and we will have become that which we despised most.