EL-JA – Family company a success in Tumbler Ridge

There are a growing number of people in town who are working in the oil and gas industry. Or rather, people live in town, but work in places like Fort McMurray, Fox Creek or Fort St. John. Even though there is a lot of oil and gas work happening around town, few people from Tumbler are working locally.

A notable exception to this rule is EL-JA Pressure Services Ltd. EL-JA is a family company, owned and operated by Walter and Tyler Reid.

The company?s success is based on good old-fashioned legwork. ?We initially brought the steamer here to work for Burlington, but through advertising, word of mouth and just visiting the sites, EL-JA has caught on,? says Tyler. ?Oil Companies want to save money, so hiring locally for sites around Tumbler Ridge is very cost effective. It saves on down-time as well.?

?But?, says Tyler, ?the company wouldn?t be as successful as it is without providing quality service and quick responses.? Kevin Pack has been with the company from the start. ?He?s earned EL-JA a good name. He?s always willing to do whatever it takes. Whether that means working at the shop until 2:00 am, or getting down in the mud to put on chains.? says Walter.

Working with Kevin is Tharas Rebchuk, who took over from Rick Simourd as Swamper. Steve Wagner who has the mechanical knowledge and Maurice Martin who has oil patch experience round out the EL-JA team.

?The company has grown steadily since we first started. We started with one truck and we now have three and are currently in the process of building a shop across from the Baptist Church. Our work comes mostly from the oil patch, but we also do residential: we wash houses, buildings etc.

EL-JA?s most recent purchase is a sno-cat, an all-terrain vehicle that can be used to access remote locations. ?This allows us to do more varied oil patch jobs,? says Tyler.

The company is very community oriented, and have volunteered their steamer trucks for various fundraising events.?