Electorial Boundaries Commission web site up and running

Vancouver, BC (March 15, 2006): The interim Web site for the British Columbia Electoral Boundaries Commission is live as of today and can be viewed at www.bc-ebc.ca.

This Web site will serve as a key means of communication with the public as the commission prepares to carry out its mandate to review British Columbia? s electoral boundaries.

Boundaries are reviewed after every second general election to ensure that each elected Member represents approximately the same number of people. Currently, there are 79 electoral districts, each returning one Member to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia.

In accordance with the Electoral Boundaries Commission Amendment Act, commissioners will make recommendations for boundaries under the current single member plurality (SMP) electoral system and the BC single transferable vote (BC-STV) system designed by the Citizens? Assembly on Electoral Reform.

In November 2008, a referendum on electoral reform will be held. The outcome of the referendum will determine which set of electoral district boundaries will be implemented for the general election in 2009. Nnon-partisan British Columbia Electoral Boundaries Commission will receive submissions and will host public hearings around the province in the fall of 2006 and into 2007. The commission must present its preliminary report to the Speaker of the Legislature by August 15, 2007. The commission? s final report is due not later than February 15, 2008.

The commission?s offices are located at Suite 601 – 700 West Georgia Street, Vancouver. Staff recruitment is underway and key administrative and support staff are to be selected by the end of March.