Emergency Nurses Receive Trauma Training

What do Barb Schuerkamp, Ruth Walkley, Karen Strang, Barb Bradley, and June Savard have in common? They are all emergency nurses at the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre.

They have also all recently completed The Trauma Nursing Core Curriculum (TNCC), which is an internationally recognized certification for Registered Nurses only. The American Emergency Nurses Association created this advanced course that promotes excellence in trauma care. Trauma is defined as a major threat to the immediate and often long-term health of individuals and is a leading cause of death in all age groups.

Barb Schuerkamp, Head Nurse at the Emergency Department says, ?The skills acquired will be extremely useful every time we encounter an MVA (motor vehicle accident) or other serious accident in Tumbler Ridge and surrounding area.? The much-appreciated emergency nurses are, as always, prepared to meet the trauma needs of our community.