Emergency Preparedness Week

Winners of the draws were:

1st place winner (Generator) Adell Strang

2nd place winner (Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Kit) Jason Hersh

3rd place winner (flashlight/radio) Dale Sawasky

Approximately 40 people stopped by the table on Saturday and picked up information and asked questions regarding emergency preparedness. Many left and came back with their prepared emergency kits in order to enter the draw for the generator. The ESS volunteers saw a wide variety of kits, some were geared to large families and some designed for one.

13 people entered to win the Generator that was kindly donated by Pacific Northern Gas (PNG).

Special thank you to Kim Isaak, Youth Drama Group, Poker Players, Larry & Crys White and Erin Hanna and Charissa T. from the Adult Drama Group for spending time in the Gallery demonstrating what you can do during a power outage and the supplies one should have on hand.

Kits were distributed for the Vial of Life and 22 kids were fingerprinted and photographed for Child Find.