Emperor’s Challenge

My husband and I both turned 40 in 2005 and I decided early in the year that we each should strive to do something ?epic?. His choice was swimming in some events at the World Masters Games in Edmonton; my choice was running my first half-marathon. I initially selected the Victoria half-marathon as my goal but the timing for the Emperor?s Challenge was more convenient. I trained when I could, with the hope of finishing. The weather cooperated and the views were as stunning as promised. I met up with a friend from Fort St John on the way down and we chatted about kids, work, and life until the last 3 km, which were spent complaining when we could catch our breath. I finished just after her, in 3 hr 16 min, and my husband and 4 children were waiting to congratulate me. Completing the Emperor?s Challenge was the highlight of turning 40!

Lori Bonertz