Emperor’s Challenge

Girls 7 and under (2km)

1st Robyn Barwise (record)

2nd Brooklyn Walsh

3rd Hannah Fry

Boys 7 and under (2 km)

1st Simon Nemethy (record)

2nd Jeremy Jahn

3rd Ian Brunn

Girls 8-11 (2 km)

1st Hannah Brunn

2nd Sarah Joy Nogel

3rd Britney Swafield

Boys 8-11 (2 km)

1st Jacon Jahn – 2nd Cade Vandale

Girls 12-14 (4 km)

1st Kelly Fry – 2nd Jewel Irving

Boys 12-14 (4 km)

1st Alexander Nemethy

2nd Ben McWhirter

3rd Bertus Schalekamp

Women 20 km

1st Rena McLeod (2 hrs 10min 18 sec)

2nd Kathryn Stone

3rd Caroline Toews

Men 20 km

1st Kris Swanson (1 hr 31min 33 sec)

2nd Bryan Nemethy – 3rd Peter Watson

In perpetuity numbers were awarded to the following for having completed Five Emperor?s Challenges: Sandy Treit, Erin Tattersall, Lisa Ramer, Max Legault, Garry Roth, Glenn Pud, Roland Diehl, Sara Irvine, Kelly Joy, Ben Foster, Jan Legaspi, Gisele Stanek.

Special awards went to; the youngest ever competitor in the 7 and under event: Ali (2 1/2 years); the youngest finisher in the 20 km event: Elias Thompson (ten years) the oldest finisher: Art Nolan (83 years).

We had a record field of 361, an increase of over 20% from last year.

in with just minutes to spare are some of the greatest heroes of the Emperor?s Challenge.

What of the future? The Emperor?s Challenge Committee is working closely with Peace River Coal, and has already constructed a new route, in case mining activity disrupts the existing route. However, there is a good chance that the current route will still be viable in 2009. In case anyone was wondering, the new route would be a bit more challenging still, involving four summits and a vertical gain and loss of 3200 feet.

It takes a special community to put on a race like this: over seventy volunteers and many service organizations helped out this year, a truly remarkable performance, and one which enables the reputation of the Emperor?s Challenge to spread far and wide. Physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, glorious scenery, achievement of personal goals, camaraderie and support, economic diversification through sports tourism ? there are many things that make the Emperor?s Challenge both precious and unique. May it continue to enthrall, inspire and satisfy in years to come.