Emperor’s Challenge Opens 100 Extra Spots

The Emperor’s Challenge Mountain Run, set for August 10, filled up extremely quickly this year. Registration opened on March 15, and the 800 spots filled up in only seven days, which took organizers by surprise.

According to a note posted to the Emperor’s Challenge Facebook page, because the race filled up so early, “there will likely be a larger number of people who registered but won’t be able to make it to the race in August due to other commitments or injury.”

While there are always some people who are unable to make it, organizers plan to have between 700 and 750 people on the mountain on race day.

So the Emperor’s Challenge Organizing Committee has decided to open 100 extra entrance spots. But these won’t be done in the traditional ‘first come, first served’ manner. Instead, the committee has decided to offer them in a lottery. “This is good news for many people who were too late to register in March,” says race director Jerrilyn Schembri.

In order to participate in the lottery, interested parties need to sign up between May 1 and May 15, before 10 pm, PDT at the Stride & Glide Sports website, www.strideandglide.ca

Anyone wishing to participate in the lottery will need to pay a ten dollar, non-refundable fee. The random draw for 100 successful entrants to the 2013 Emperor’s Challenge 20k race will take place on Thursday May 16 at 10am.

The 100 successful entrants will be emailed, letting them know that they are now able to register for the race. This entails paying the remaining $50 of the entrance fee online. There will also be a list posted of the 100 successful entrants.

Those who are successful will have until May 26th to finalize their registration by paying the remaining fee online.

Schembri says that all proceeds from this lottery will go towards WNMS trail improvements in the Tumbler Ridge area, including bridge replacements and trail signage.

People looking to game the system take note: photo ID is required to pick up your race package, so if your name is drawn you may not defer this entrance to a friend. Only one entry per person will be accepted.