EnCana Open House

EnCana made a lot of new friends Thursday night at the Curling Rink. They were in town for the last of the three Open Houses that were held in the Peace. EnCana employees (25 of them representing many branches of the company) were on hand to welcome the public and to answer questions.

Team leader Richard Leslie and Community Relations Advisor Brenda Walton were there to answer all of my questions. ?We are here for three reasons,? Richard Leslie explained, ?We came to meet local contractors at the Contractor Fair this morning. Second, we want to introduce EnCana to the community and third, we want to showcase the company?s proposals for the Cutbank Ridge natural gas development over the next three years and allow for community input.? This was done in an informal manner with great promotional gifts for everyone. There was barbeque beef on a bun, salads, beans and lots of deserts, tables were set up so that people could chat while eating.

One of the things that set EnCana apart from many other companies is the constitution that was developed by the employees. The constitution offers ethical guidelines for employees working within the company. All of the contractors who are hired by Encana are also expected to follow the same ethical practices.

There was a lot of information at this Open House on the company and its wells, but the question on many people?s minds was, ?How will this affect the people in Tumbler Ridge?? ?Will there be jobs for us?? ?Will EnCana hire local contractors?? The answer I was given was that it isn?t likely that these projects will create a lot of operational jobs, but there may be some work for local contractors in the initial start up. EnCana is committed to hiring BC companies and this hiring practice has already proven to be very successful.

EL-JA Pressure Services Ltd., a local contractor who has already had some work with EnCana attended the Contractor Fair, ?This Open House was very welcoming and although there is no solid guarantee as to when we will get more work with EnCana, or how much work we will get with them, I really enjoyed the opportunity to attend and talk to the various people in the company.?

?We are taking a measured and steady approach to this development,? said Richard Leslie, ?This will be a long term sustainable project. This is the just the first of many visits we will be making to Tumbler Ridge.”