Established Tumbler Ridge Realtors join Remax

Brenda Banham and Claudette Huber will be working together, serving Tumbler Ridge under the REMAX banner. Both realtors are established in Tumbler Ridge, Banham since June, 2003 and Huber in October of the same year. Both realtors have deep roots in the community, and a strong knowledge base. Banham worked for Tumbler Ridge Housing in 2000, and was an integral part of the sale of hundreds of houses that went on the block for as little as $25,000. The job gave her an in-depth knowledge of not just the market, but of the selling features of many of the properties in the community. Banham is also the author of the popular column ?Realtor?s Insight? which runs in this newspaper on a regular basis.

Huber also has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the Tumbler Ridge market, and is committed to the community, donating generously to local clubs and organizations. Huberreceived her property management license in 2006, and plans to offer those services to the community in the future.

They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table and feel that they can offer clients better service by this partnership. Of course Remax is the Number 1 name in real estate in Canada so both realtors will have a vast pool of resources to draw on. The bottom line for their customers is better services. Both realtors work out of their home offices at present, and will continue to provide real estate services to Tumbler Ridge using the same ethics and standards that they loyal clients have come to expect.

Both Banham and Huber are committed to their careers, and are furthering their education with a series of real estaste courses through the University of British Columbia.

Brenda can be contacted at 242-3266 and Claudette at 242-1117. New signs and advertising under the REMAX banner will be seen around town shortly..