At approximately 16:00 hours on Thursday, February 12, seven members of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department responded to a call of a structure fire at 343 Peace River Crescent. Upon arrival, there were smoke and flames coming from the basement windows at the front of the house. The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department confirmed that there were no occupants in the house at that time. The fire department initially tried to advance a hose line into the basement, but the smoke was very thick and visibility was practically nil. The fire department then set up a positive pressure ventilation fan to remove some of the smoke so that the firefighters could advance into the basement. The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department confined the fire to the room of origin, and proceeded to extinguish it, and then checked for fire extension using a thermal imaging camera. Although the quick response of the fire department prevented the fire from spreading, there was significant smoke damage throughout the home. The estimate of damage to the structure and contents, mostly from the smoke, is in excess of $100,000. At this time, the cause of the fire is believed to be from embers released from a woodstove chimney when the cap on the cleanout became dislodged.