Events Board Unveiled

Baby steps! While many people know the true ultimate desire for this arts and culture advocate, they may also appreciate the fact that Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council recognizes we need to build up to the ?big top?.

It is with a sense of accomplishment and perhaps long overdue that we unveiled the TRCAC Events Board, mounted on the north west side of Tumbler Ridge Pharmacy, facing out onto the same parking lot as Shop Easy. TRCAC would like to give special thanks to Charissa Tonnesen, Mike Ortynsky and Amanda Battenfelder for generously allowing us to do this. The board was mounted on Tuesday, April 21st.

The purpose of the board is to maintain a high-traffic area visibility, which provides a space for events independent of the many other post-able items on the public access boards in town. We feel that often community events are subject to getting removed before they take place, overlapped and missed or even just kind of lost in amongst the free puppies and garage sale listings.

The contents of the board can be anything that is an event and is NOT limited to arts and culture groups within TRCAC, although our events will take priority. The best possible way to keep everyone?s events visible would be to have them printed on 8.5 x 11 or smaller. The board itself is 2 x 3 foot. Plans for a poster submission box located beneath the events board is in the works. This will ensure event coordinators can put a poster in the box and it will be added to the events board periodically. Volunteers will handle this task so please be patient and give us fair lead-time to post your event.