Everyone Needs a Caring Person in Their Life to Look up to ? The Power of Mentoring

Effective crime prevention initiatives should not only address what we as concerned community members can physically do to protect ourselves and our property, but should also focus on how we can prevent criminals. The majority of what children and youth learn is from observing and modelling behaviour. The compassion, tolerance, and honesty displayed to others by adults are the foundation upon which young individuals build their attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviour.

Did you know children who are involved in mentoring programs are: 53% less likely to skip school? 46% less likely to start using illegal drugs? 27% less likely to begin to use alcohol?

According to Valerie MacLean, BCCPA Executive Director, ?Every person, young or old, needs a caring person in their life to help see them through tougher times. Unfortunately it is the children and youth who are in high risk or unstable environments who often do not have direct access to such a caring person within their immediate home or social contexts.?

Our children and youth make up 20% of our population and 100% of our future. MacLean adds, ?Studies have shown that youth who are engaged by positive role models and are seen as an asset to their community have increased chances in identifying positive relationships, support systems, experiences, and opportunities that are a necessary part in healthy development.?

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