Explore Your Talents – Creative Peace

Based on the success from 2007, Terry Lansdowne Foundation (TLF) is inviting public to participate in three days of workshops, entertainment, recreation and wellness called Creative Peace 2008.

From Friday August 15th to Sunday 17th experts from fields of creativity, health and environment will provide guidance in workshops and interactive lectures.

Creative Peace 2008 program includes workshops in writing, communication, painting, music/rhythm and personal growth and wellness.

It takes place at the Gwillim Educational Centre near Tumbler Ridge.

Creative Peace 2008 is designed for every person. No experience is needed to participate.

Interested individuals can register for three days for 200 or 150 dollars or purchase a day pass for 75 or 100 dollars.

Pre-registration necessary (space is limited).

For information visit www.TLF-Peace.org or phone 250-242-3303 Mila Lansdowne