?Exploring Tumbler Ridge? Book Launch exceptional success

More than 200 people attended the launch of Charles Helm?s latest book on Tuesday June 3rd in the Tumbler Ridge Public Library.

Exploring Tumbler Ridge is the fourth book of this well known local author.

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library was packed long before the presentation started and more and more chairs were brought in to seat all the residents and visitors who came to attend this important event.

Classical music performed by Musical Marmot students, exotic foods, flowers and decoration were tastefully arranged by the library staff and volunteers to a composition of ambiance and community spirit. The dedicated work of volunteers and professionals is well noticeable throughout the whole book project. The appreciation and recognition was repeatedly expressed by the MLA Blair Lekstrom, MC Larry White and the author himself for quality work and support that made this project materialize on last Tuesday.

The presentation through slide show and reading connected the audience with the structure of the book and the author?s philosophy. The well known idea of ?healthy mind in a healthy body? is taken here one step further with the addition ?in a healthy environment on a healthy planet?.

The 304 pages book is filled with full color photographs and includes distinct themes: The Tumbler Ridge Journey Through Time starts 14,5 billion years ago and is followed by the nova-days history up to enjoying the Tumbler Ridge area. These are the themes of the first half of this 9×6 inch print. The next 131 pages are dedicated to Tumbler Ridge?s hiking destinations. 47 locations are described with information on time, distance, elevation change and rating. A professional topographical map, included with the book, shows all trail-head locations marked in red. 35 of the 47 destinations are shown in detail on the reverse side of this map which is made of special water resistant soft material and folds up to 9×6 inch.

No wonder that at the end of the evening there were already about 146 books sold. 3000 books were printed and once the production cost is covered, the proceeds will go completely back to the community to support a variety of projects.

Only a few days old this work gains on popularity and recognition. On Thursday June 5th the CBC aired Chris Walker?s interview with Charles Helm announcing also his book presentation in Prince George on June 13th and a book tour through the Peace Region.

In the conclusion of his book Charles Helm states: ?I know of no other place with as much diverse potential as a uniquely desirable destination, with a flagship museum of international standard, trails and other attractions that are better maintained and marketed than I could have ever imagined, and enough industry to keep things ticking over steadily for a very long time. Therein lays the challenge. And the opportunity??

For more information call Linda Helm 250-242-3984

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