Fair Trade Shopping

Make the most of this holiday season by offering fair-trade products to your loved ones. These products are more and more popular and much easier to find than in the past. Fair-trade products are manufactured and marketed according to the principles of fair trade.
Purchasing local products generally allows us to ensure that workers’ rights have been respected during the manufacturing process. If you would like to purchase products that cannot be made here, such as coffee, tea or cocoa (chocolate), you can always opt for fair-trade products.
It is certainly true that fair trade practices guarantee minimum revenue for small producers in developing countries and allow them to enjoy acceptable living conditions. To ensure that a product is genuinely fair trade, look for an officially recognized logo on the label, such as the logo used by TransFair Canada.
Fair-trade chocolate, made from fair-trade cocoa, is now available at many different types of stores, including natural health food stores, supermarkets, gourmet food stores and certain pharmacies. It’s available in several different varieties: milk chocolate; dark chocolate; white chocolate; orange flavoured chocolate; etc. Fair-trade coffee is also available at many different locations, even in smaller food markets, sometimes in the organic food section. Certain fair-trade alcoholic beverages, particularly wines, can also be found in stores. Find out more from your favourite food store.
A basket of fair-trade gourmet products is a great gift idea. You could even add a few fruits: fair-trade bananas, mangoes, etc. Be sure to keep your eyes open to discover all sorts of products that will please your loved ones.