Family Assistance Program holds Community Garage Sale

About 9,000 square feet of space were turned to a huge bazaar for the first community garage sale, organized to raise money for the Family Assistance Program (FAP).

Lenore Sprake, Family Assistance Coordinator worked with 16 volunteers from the community and the churches to make this event a success.

Residents responded to the call for donations with astonishing numbers and variety of items. From furniture and electronics to clothing and household items; the buyers had three rows of tables all along the Curling Rink to choose from.

The onsite barbeque was run by the Lions Club. Frank Walsh and his team Claudette Huber and Nellie Meredith served up ????? hot dogs and burgers, raising $$$$$ for ?.

Sprake expected to raise perhaps $1000 for the food bank, and instead raised $3778 (includes the donation from the Lions Club) towards the food bank and emergency programs.

The Lions Club sold $786 worth of burgers and hot dogs, donating the entire amount to the food bank. The Lions Club donated the condiments, ShopEasy donated all the food supplies, and pop was donated by Pepsi.

The Family Assistance program can be accessed upon request. New Life Assembly Church is the base for the program, and that is where the food bank is located.