Family Assistance Program

On December 30, 2007, the Family Assistance Program was launched under the umbrella of the Tumbler Ridge Ministerial. The program is being facilitated from the New Life Assembly church and the coordinator is Lenore Sprake. While members of the community are using this program, it is still a little early in determining how extensive the need might be in the community. The food bank is well stocked with a good selection for breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. Lenore will also assist where there is a need in providing for very young children ? pampers, milk, etc. The community will be kept informed about upcoming programs and suggestions to help keep the food bank with up-to-date food items. If there are community groups, businesses or individuals who would like to contribute on a regular basis or a one time contribution, then please be assured that Lenore will be available to help and assist in any way possible ? we will also accept cash donations and official receipts will be issued. If you have a need or wish to help in any way, please contact Lenore Sprake at 242-7404 or leave a message at 242-3421. You can also contact any member of the ministerial

Pastor George Rowe ? 242-5684/


Pastor Doug Spinney ? 242-3310

Father David John ? 242-3788

Pastor Ben Kostamo ? 242-3133

Mary Broadbridge ? 242-4494