Family Literacy Week

Samantha Petrovic

Every January, Canadians celebrate Family Literacy Day. In BC, we’re fortunate enough to have an entire week to celebrate Literacy Week. This year, Family Literacy Week will be held from January 22 to January 29.

It may be Family Literacy Week, but the Tumbler Ridge Public Library celebrates literacy every day. Literacy is usually associated with reading, but it’s a much larger part of everyone’s daily life, including numeracy and computer skills.

At the Tumbler Ridge Public Library, we like to start building literacy skills at a young age, starting with the Welcome Baby Party. The Welcome Baby Party, co-hosted with Success by 6, is held annually to welcome all the babies born in the previous year, as well as to introduce parents to several groups who work with young children, from StrongStart, Alpha Bits Crawl and Success by 6 to the public health nurse with Northern Health and more.

The Library also likes to introduce parents to Lapsit during the Welcome Baby Party, a free weekly program for babies ages 0–2 held on Thursdays from 11–11:30. Lapsit helps to introduce early literacy concepts to babies through songs, rhymes and fingerplays, as well as to allow parents and caregivers a chance to bond with their babies and socialize with other parents and caregivers. This year, the Welcome Baby Party will be held February 1, from 11:30am to 1:30pm, to celebrate all the babies born in 2016. We look forward to seeing you there

Once babies have outgrown the Lapsit program, the Library has our Storytime program, geared towards pre-school aged children, on Fridays at 1pm. During Storytime, we reinforce key literacy concepts through stories, songs and crafts. Join us Friday, January 27 at 1pm for a special Family Literacy Week Storytime.

Literacy doesn’t always mean reading. It can be counting the number of pieces on a craft, or singing a song about five green speckled frogs, which jump into a nice and cool pool, one by one. You can also engage your child in stories by asking questions, or making up a story based on illustrations, rather than just reading the text. Literacy should be fun for everyone!

For school-aged children, the Library offers Wednesday Club, which alternates with Lego Club, on Wednesdays at 3pm. During Wednesday Club, we read stories and do a craft or an activity. We also have special theme days, such as a snake day, which we just had on January 11, where Jaren and her family brought in their pet snakes to teach us all about them! Make sure to check our Facebook page and website for upcoming events!

We also have literacy programming for adults, such as our Book Club, Passionate Readers, which meet every three weeks for lively books chats and shared book reads. Check out our Facebook page, website or call for meeting dates.

We also offer daily drop-in programs such as our resume writing service. The Tumbler Ridge Public Library staff is always happy to help clients with any computer questions, job search questions or anything else they might have. If you have a question or need help with something that might take a bit more time, don’t hesitate to ask us to put aside some time to help you. We’re always here to help.

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library has many programs, but we also have a large, diverse collection for every type of reader. Not crazy about traditional books? Try out an ebook or audiobook. Have a reluctant young reader in your house? Why not try a graphic novel? All you need is your free library card. Have fines and are a bit reluctant to come in? Come in and talk to our staff, we understand about wanting to love a book for a little more time. See you soon.

For more information, visit, or call 250-242-4778.