Fashion Model Visits Tumbler Ridge

Gracing the pages of many international magazines, Anna Wasacz-Carter spent a few days in Tumbler Ridge recently. Wasacz-Carter?s visit to our community was to visit relatives and take in Grizfest. She is, for the most part, a typical 16 year old, but she has had quite a whirlwind life for the past two years.

At the age of 14, she took first place over 400 modeling hopefuls in a model search taking place in Southgate mall in Edmonton. Her mother had seen the searcg a year before and in the meantime, had quickly become savvy to one scam being run out of a well-known popular hotel in Edmonton. She was approached to pay $1800 to have her daughter seen and she knew better than to do that. ?Modeling should not cost you money. You get paid to model.? And she certainly has.

This young lady has been traveling; runway modeling, photo shoots, print ads ? from locations such as New York, Milan and London. Her next shoot will be a tour with the aforementioned with the addition of Paris, which she is excited to see for the first time. Mode Modeling is the agency that scooped her up in Edmonton and she is then contracted out to agencies under that umbrella.

While she really enjoys the traveling and no doubt, the money ? she also tells that she gets homesick for family and friends. Her longest time away was four months. Her least favourite food on her trips has been in London. She scrunches up her nose and says it isn?t very good, so she does show signs of a typical teen there.

Her mother and step-dad are extremely happy for her. They have accompanied her on trips, ensuring any usual concerns a parent might have in this situation. Her mother is impressed by the modeling agency, which has strict rules in place. She tells of a time when she witnessed a young model being sent packing after shouting at her mother. ?They make sure the kids are respectful and zero tolerance for drugs and partying.? Welcome news in an industry that has suffered negative press for quite the opposite.

To look at her photos you would never guess she is so young and she has recently worked with male models a few years her senior. In one ad she says she had to cuddle up with a 19 year old male model that she had never met. She felt awkward, but it?s all part and parcel. Most recently she did a shoot for Elle (France edition) and the theme was ?Grease?, dolled up in fifties gear with a leather-jacketed clad young man.

She has appeared in the following 2006 magazines: January edition of Italian ?Elle?; February Flare (Canadian); Flaunt #74 (USA); June edition of French ?Glamour?. She has done print ads for Below the Belt and LeSilla and recently posed for ?A Creative by Tina Cheng? (a high end photographer).

To date one of her more important accolades is becoming International Model of the Week on a booking site, accessible by agencies and online. That kind of exposure can lead to excellent opportunities due to its high recognition in the industry.

As far as the rest of it goes, being a typical teenager ? she has school to finish as well. While traveling, she takes correspondence, or ?cyber school?. But truly her greatest education is on the runways and studios of New York, Milan, and London and soon to be Paris.

Wasacz-Carter finds the runway work easier than the photo shoots, as she says the photographers have you in very awkward positions and often with seasonal shoots, you?re dressed for the opposite season it actually is. That means bathing suits in cold weather and turtlenecks in scorching heat. What keeps her focused on the set are storylines or theme she is presented just moments before the cameras start clicking. Each picture you see in a magazine likely has a whole story behind it, motivating the models to look or act a certain way. And speaking of acting, she wants to give that a whirl some day too. There are bright days ahead for this young lady and she seems well adjusted and able to handle all of it.