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The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) was established to operate the Tumbler Ridge Museum for the benefit of residents and visitors, to highlight the unique historical palaeontological, mining, geographic, and other features. Its focus is to maintain a repository for archival records, to provide an organization through which all those interested in local museum and archival work may meet and exchange information, to stimulate research into local museum-related fields, and to develop and promote the highest possible standard of policies, procedures, and ethics. The TRMF also established The Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre (P.R.P.R.C.) in the summer of 2003 to house the dinosaur bones and other fossils found in the region.

Our unique discoveries include BC’s only complete dinosaur skeleton, nine of the 18 tyrannosaurus footprints that have been found world-wide, the only Tyrannosaurus trackway in the world, and prehistoric crocodile footprints. Recent finds include ice-age material such as mammoth remains and bison skulls. We offer tours to dinosaur sites during the summer as well as year-round education programs. The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery is open seven days a week May to September, and during October to April we are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Call us at 250-242-3466 for more information.


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