February 7 Council Meeting Highlights

Attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillor White, Councillor Kirby, Councillor College, and Councillor Sipe

Mayor Caisley called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Item 4 (a) Delegation of Dr. Charles Helm and Rich McCrae, representing the TR Museum Foundation. Mayor Caisley excused himself due to a possible conflict of interest. Councillor Sipe took over the chair. The purpose of the delegation was to alert Council to a potential tourism site. Dr. Helm and Mr. McCrae gave a presentation outlining the fact that the company CNRL is actively drilling on Mt Hermann, where the TRMF has located another dinosaur footprint site. There is potential to locate a larger find underneath the layered rock. CNRL has asked the TRMF not to pursue the find until the well has run its lifespan of ~ four years. At that time, the company would assist with the stripping so the footprints can be accessed. Councillor White brought forth a note from the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society outlining their concern in regards to the deterioration of the existing hiking trails on Mt Hermann. Councilor Sipe thanked the two for the information and assured them that Council will give the situation due consideration.

Item 8 (a) Canada Day Grant. Council directed staff to apply for a ?Celebrate Canada? program grant to offset the costs for this year?s Canada Day program.

Item 8 (b) Request for fence at 108 Spruce Avenue. The Strata Council at 108 Spruce sent a letter requesting assistance from the District to erect a fence to border the walkway between Valleyview and Cottonwood pedestrian walk. The Strata Council has ?recognized a significant liability issue as a result of unrestricted access to (the) private property?. Council approved a cost share agreement between the District and Spruce Manor Strata to erect the fence between the two properties.

Item 8 (c) Land referral request. The District of Tumbler Ridge received a land referral request from the Integrated Land Management Bureau. The individual requested the sale of 24.64 hectares of land adjacent to the Monkman Lake Provincial Park. The land is outside the Municipal boundaries and we have been contacted as a courtesy, to ensure the District does not have the parcel in its future plans. Council directed Mayor Caisley to check with the Peace River Regional District, as the land does fall within their boundaries.

Item 8 (d) Council support for Grizfest Music Festival. The TR Days Society is applying for a gaming access grant, and they are seeking a support letter from the District of Tumbler Ridge. Council agreed to send a letter of support.

Item 8 (e) Musical Ride request. Council received a letter from the Musical Ride Committee requesting an in kind donation in the amount of $25,000. Council approved the request, and will be seeking more details on the organization of the event and the financial implications at the Feb 14 Committee of the Whole meeting delegation.

Item 8 (f) Emergency Operations Centre Level 3 Course. Council approved to pay the travel expenses for Councillor College to attend the Course in Ft St John on Feb 8-9.

Item 8 (g) CBC Radio Facilities ? Lease renewal. Council renewed the lease with the Canada Broadcasting Corporation at the TR Transfer Site for a 5-year term at $250/year, in order that the radio station will be broadcast in our community.

Item 8 (i) Land sale policy ? Economic Development Officer Ray Proulx developed a land sale policy for Council?s approval. Council had some revisions to be considered, and this policy will be brought back to the next Council meeting.

The meeting moved to a closed meeting of Council to discuss a land issue, a personnel issue, and a legal issue, under the Community Charter at 8:50 pm.