Federal NDP Candidates Don?t Wait for Election Call

Two local NDP candidates have decided not to wait for an official election call before beginning their campaigns. Rick Smith and Michael Hunter were out to meet the workers arriving at the BC Rail yard on Monday April 5th. The pair share a riding boundary in Prince George and have committed to supporting one another wherever possible, including office space, advertising and, at times, joint campaigning.

Asked about the response, both candidates were obviously pleased. ?It was a great morning and people were very receptive?, said Smith. ?They know that the NDP is a party on the move?. Hunter echoed the sentiment and noted that, ?people are very unhappy with this Liberal government and realize that the only real alternative is the New Democratic Party. Under the leadership of Jack Layton, we are going to shake things up in Ottawa.?

Referring to the impending sale of BCR to CN, the pair is calling on the federal government to expand the jurisdiction of the Competition Act. ?Right now there are no provisions for considering what effect the sale of BCR will have on workers in BC?, Hunter says. ?It is a serious and an unnecessary limitation.?

Smith is seeking a seat in the riding of Cariboo-Prince George while Hunter is running in Prince George-Peace River.

For more information contact:

Bernice Greengrass250-242-5040

Michael Hunter250-242-5086