Feedback from our readers

Cpl. Peats asked in his last column for feedback from readers for his column, ?The Police BLOTTER?. Below are some of the comments received by the newspaper.

Dear Cpl. Peats,

Just finished reading your latest edition of the blotter and enjoyed it as we always do. My husband and I recently moved to Tumbler Ridge but had been reading the blotter for at least a year before we moved here.

My brother, who lives in Prince George and works as a pressman, enjoys the blotter too and keeps up with the happenings here as they print the blotter weekly.

Really enjoy your unique ability to get a message across in a way that is entertaining. Appreciate your frankness about the happenings around town, as well as relating humorous incidents that make the police in general seem more personable and approachable. So as far as ?client satisfaction? I think you should get 10 out of 10. Keep up the good work it is appreciated.


Shawna Booker

My husband and I have enjoyed the column since the first one was published online when we still lived in Hope, BC. We find it amusing and informative, and look forward to reading it online each week. (We have missed not seeing it this past few weeks.)

In fact, since the beginning we have printed off each weeks online ?Blotter? and have saved them in a folder which we read occasionally. They usually gives us a chuckle


I really hope The Police Blotter continues to be published, especially online, so that people from other areas of the province or country can read the columns and get a look at life in a northern small town in BC, through the eyes of our local RCMP.

Keep up the good work!


J. Grexton