Figure Skating Club Presents “Disney on Ice”

?I know the girls have been working very hard all year, and we are in for a treat tonight?, noted excited father Jason Lenart. Jay told me he was so excited he lost sleep awaiting this year?s Figure Skating Carnival presentation of ?Disney on Ice?. The event started off with the singing of our National Anthem by local resident Lisa Claffey. Great job Lisa, what a voice.

The intermediate and senior groups introduced the carnival with an opening skate of the Disney theme song ?It?s a small world?. Next coach Christina Claire, dressed as Snow White, skated to the theme song to the 1st original animated classic, ?Someday my Prince will come??. Then the beginners group skated to Heigh Ho, much to the audience?s delight. The skaters wore hockey helmets and carried props of tin foiled picks and shovels. Katie Lehmann and Larissa McNeil entertained the crowd with a skating display to the Aladdin song ?Prince Ali?. Then the Intermediate group dressed in black toques and colourful hand sweeps danced their way through ?Chim Chim Cheeree?. ?That was a good one?, commented Dick Van Dyke look-a-like Bernie Lehmann. Natalie and Laura Sharman, decked out in black skirts and coats, complete with Julie Andrews rose dotted black fedoras skated in a simply lovely Mary Poppins duet ?A spoon full of sugar? in symmetrical unison. In the next number, Sheena Walkley delicately skated out as the Big Bad Wolf. Jenna Antkowiak, Michelle Schribar, and Alaina McNeil hid behind their cardboard houses of straw, wood, and brick. When the wolf saw them, they were chased around the ice in a frantic state of terror!

The guest skater for the show was 19-year old Jennifer Hammond, who skates with the Ft St John Figure Skating Club and with the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton. Jennifer finished 13th in her first Nationals championship in January. She dazzled the crowd skating to Michael Buble?s ?Feeling Good?.

Well after that, there had to be an intermission. A door prize donated by Renata?s Massage was won by Councillor Rose Colledge.

Back to the show. The eight senior skaters strided to Shark Tale?s ?Car wash? song. Then the intermediates took a song from the Lion King in their A &W server costumes and skated to ?I just can?t wait to be King?. It was then Jennifer skated to her second song ?Over the Rainbow? by Faith Hill. ?Great skater?, noted Maintenance guy Jason Collison, ?But no one should sing ?Over the Rainbow? except Judy Garland. Don?t mess with the classics?.

Next Sheena Walkley and Jenna Antkowiak sheered the ice surface to ?One jump ahead? from Aladdin. The beginners once again delighted the crowd as they dressed up like bumblebees and swarmed Winnie the Pooh while skating to the ?Winnie the Pooh? theme song. Alaina McNeil and Michelle Schribar were dressed in white sweaters, black leggings, cat?s ears on their heads, with black noses and tails, as they performed to ?We are Siamese? from ?Lady and the Tramp?. The Sharmans, Larissa and Katie finished off with the classic ?Under the Sea? from the Little Mermaid movie. The all the kids came on the ice in a Big ?M? (Frank Mahovlich) to skate to the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.

The Figure Skating club executive took the time to thank their sponsors, the TR Inn, Kodiak Ridge Construction, Barton Insurance, West Coast Energy, NEMI, the District of TR, the always present Lake View Credit Union, and Renata?s Massage for helping them with this community event.

?It was a heck of a show,? noted spectator Kelly McManus. ?I?m going home to watch Aladdin?.