Film Crew Visits Tumbler Ridge

Stunning and awe inspiring are words Simon Ratcliffe used to describe his experience in Tumbler Ridge. Simon Ratcliffe and two cameramen, Pat Curling and Justin Booth, all from DirectAd media, visited Tumbler Ridge August 14th to capture footage for Northern B.C. Tourism Association?s newest marketing strategy. The Northern B.C. Tourism Association hired DirectAd media to capture the tourism features of northern B.C.?s communities.

Clint Fraser, Director of Marketing for Northern B.C.?s Tourism association, explained this marketing venture is a collaborative effort between the association and communities involved. The association funded the project but it was up to each community to develop an itinerary to take the film crew to points of interest. Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer for Tumbler Ridge, was excited to hear of the visiting film crew and said he decided to ?pull out all the stops in order to get some superior footage?. Knowing the potential of this marketing project, a helicopter was hired.

Kreg Alde, who initiated the memorial trail concept, guided Simon Ratcliffe and his team as they flew over Kinuseo Falls, the Cascades and Monkman Pass Memorial Trail. The footage captured virtually untouched Canadian wilderness. Touring with the helicopter was an experience second to none, according to Simon Ratcliffe. During his picnic lunch, while sitting next to a pristine lake in the Monkman Tarns, Simon Ratcliffe said he was moved almost to tears. After lunch, the team was taken on a trek to find Hobi?s cabin. The film crew spent time touring the dinosaur track way in the afternoon and Daniel Helm hosted a lantern tour in the evening. The sure rural beauty and the hospitality of the region stood out to Ratcliffe. He said, ?Tumbler Ridge made me realize that I am living my dream, capturing unbelievable imagery?.

The Northern B.C. Tourism Association hired DirectAd media to capture High Definition(HD) and B-Roll footage of northern B.C. communities. Clint Fraser explained that the two minute travel segments will be featured on the Northern B.C. Tourism association?s website. The B-roll footage will also be used to fulfill media requests for tourism features. The Northern B.C. Tourism association and DirectAd media share the rights to all footage captured with this marketing project. Therefore, DirectAd media, which is in the process of developing a travel series called ?Simon Sees?, can use the HD footage they have captured touring B.C.?s northern communities, including Tumbler Ridge. Hosted by Simon Ratcliffe, the viewer of ?Simon Sees? will live experiences through Simon?s eyes.

Ray Proulx states that ?Tumbler Ridge is so visually powerful that it leaves a marked impact on anyone? that has visited. The distribution of these images by Tumbler Ridge, Northern BC Tourism, Tourism BC and the widespread broadcast of ?Simon Sees?, will help Tumbler Ridge attract visitors from all over the world. People are always looking for their slice of paradise. This marketing project will give them one more option.