Finavera Renewables propose four wind energy projects near Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd

On March 20th, Michael Clark, Policy & Public Relations of Finavera Renewables, introduced himself to the Mayor and Council. Clark provided information about four proposed wind energy projects near Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd. The projects are in the preliminary stages of development. The company will be submitting the projects into the 2007 BC Hydro call for power. Clark said that it will be about one and a half years before the construction phase. Finavera, and investors will absorb the costs for these projects. There will not be any government subsidies.

Hemmera Envirochem, a company which provides energy engineering, science, and management services, will lead Finavera through the Environmental Assessment process. This will include watching the migratory paths of birds and ensuring that the turbines are set up away from a migration route. The wind-driven turbines have vanes that are rotated to generate electricity. They are similar in appearance to a giant aircraft propeller, mounted on a tall slim tower.

Finavera Renewables is a company which originated in Ireland and develops renewable energy resources and technologies. In the Peace Region, the company has received 12 Crown Investigate Use Permits. The company?s objective is to become a major renewable and green energy producer by developing and operating its assets in the wind and wave energy sectors. Finavera?s energy projects include wind power, wave power, and wave technology.

The company is proposing three wind energy projects for the Tumbler Ridge area. Clark said that the reason the projects are proposed for this area are because the wind resource in the Peace region is the strongest in Canada. The life expectancy of each turbine is about 20 years, which is the industry norm.

The first is the Bullmoose Creek project which proposes 112 Mega Watts (MW) of wind energy and will be located 30 km west of Tumbler Ridge. It will consist of approximately 56 wind turbines.

The Mount Clifford project proposes 80 MW of wind energy and will be approximately 45 km south of Tumbler Ridge. It will consist of approximately 40 wind turbines.

Finally, the Tumbler Ridge project proposes 100 MW of wind energy and will be approximately two km north and south of Tumbler Ridge. It will consist of approximately 50 wind turbines.

The Wildmare project proposes 74 MW of wind energy and will be located approximately two km from Chetwynd. This project will consist of approximately 37 wind turbines.

The information sheet that Clark provided on behalf of Finavera for the March 20th Council meeting indicated: ?Finavera Renewables wants to work with the Tumbler Ridge community to address job creation, noise, siting, recreational access to the project area, and any other challenges that may arise.?

Clark submitted a letter to Council on behalf of Finavera which stated ?Finavera Renewables has the desire to minimize the projects? impact on the surrounding area and its residents, and to use existing roads and infrastructures wherever possible. We are committed to keeping the surrounding community as informed as possible on the project development and to making it easy for the people to be involved.?