Fine Dining at the Scroogeteria!? Tumbler Ridge Theatre on the Ridge

Theatre On The Ridge has become a regular form of entertainment at the holiday season. This year, the Young People?s Drama performed ?Fine Dining at the Scoogeteria?. It was an adaptation of ?A Modern Christmas Carol? by D. M Bocaz-Larsen, with a predominantly female cast, set in a restaurant.

The cast was a mix of veteran actors from a few years ago and some younger ones, shy and quiet, but all had a good time.

The cast was as follows;

Amanda Thomas as Ebony Scrooge,

Karli Watt as Roberta Cratchet,

Jacqueline Smith as the lead caroler,

Bethany Trotter as the Ghost of Marla,

Kyla MacNeil as Sister Sadie,

Caitlin Payne as Sister Katie,

Emma Thomson ? Ghost of Christmas Past,

Kelly Fry as Young Ebony

Adrena McIntosh as Momma Scrooge,

Cora MacLaren as Teen Ebony,

Faunne MacLaren as Fun Aunt,

Tassie Delpierre as the Ghost of Christmas Present,

Brooklyn Collison as Tiny Tammie Cratchet. Austen Marshall as Sam Cratchet,

Ashley Marshall as Jenny Cratchet,

Zach Cooper as John Cratchet

Kenesha Mercredi as the Ghost of Christmas Future.

A hilarious moment was when a very young boy could not contain his curiosity and was peeking beneath a blanket where a faux body lay for a scene in the play. After several attempts to see who was under there, quipped director Erin Hanna later, ?This boy is watching too much CSI.?

The director is always extremely proud of the young people, although the preparation for these productions is expectedly chaotic.

Two special mothers, Janet Delpierre and Elaine Cooper helped out almost every week in class and were on hand backstage throughout the play. Said Hanna, ?They have made this year so much easier. I need parents in there and a few of them have been around consistently and can certainly understand why they are so needed.? Hanna makes sure to acknowledge that several other parents have helped as well.

The event held a raffle with prizes drawn. The raffle raised $46 after expenses and donations amounting to $65 were also received in a silver collection.