Our downtown is changing again. Local business Vinnie?s Video & Food Court will be opening their new expansion into the old dollar store. Owner Vinnie Corno opened the store and restaurant in 2002 and moved to its current location in 2003, offering customers fast food convenience. This will be the first expansion for the restaurant and Vinnie is excited by the progress, hoping to be open by mid-September.

One can enter into Vinnie?s Video and see the changes that have already begun. The original location has had all shelving, stands, coolers and tables moved to make room for new walls to be erected and old walls to be torn down. Removal of the walls is set to start soon, but Vinnie plans on things going smoothly and the store will remain open for its regular business during the construction phase, closing only 1 or 2 days for kitchen equipment installation and testing.

Vinnie?s Video will remain as a video store offering videos, snacks and many of the food choices on the current menu. The new expansion will be a fine dining experience with a liquor licence for dining customers, tentatively with the name ?Vincenzo?s?.

Along with the expansion and new name comes a new menu. Customers will have more choices with a dinner menu that includes foods such as; prime rib, steak, pasta and more. The lunch menu will consist of quick light foods and a buffet. The new expansion will also be a larger area with seating for 75, and large enough for small parties and events. In the future one will be able to enjoy eating in the sunshine with a new patio area. For customers making reservations, Vincenzo?s will be offering a taxi shuttle to allow customers to enjoy spirits with their meal and no worry?s about driving home.

Customers will be kept happy by the friendly staff which will go up in numbers as Vinnie will soon be hiring a minimum of seven new employees to bring his total staff to 12. Customer service will be an important factor in bringing customers back and will remain a high standard in the new location

With the slower economic times, Vinnie?s Video has also had its share of quiet time, but with the town optimism looking up, Vinnie felt that now was the perfect time to expand and credits Town Council with making these changes an easier process than it once was. ?We need businesses in Tumbler Ridge. We need to grow to bring people into town to stay?. The downtown area has seen some business?s closing and some relocating, Vinnie hopes that by expanding, the downtown will become a busier place again, offering residents and tourists easy access to services. His goal is to offer customers ?Good food, reasonable prices and a nice atmosphere!?