South Peace Dispatch advised all personnel of a Scenario callout on Monkman Way for an ATV accident with an injured and trapped person with reported head injuries and a broken leg. The exercise included STARS Air Ambulance, the Police, Fire Department and medical personnel.

An ATV went the over the embankment adjacent to Monkman Way near the Chamberlain Apartments at about 1900hrs on Wednesday 6th August. The rider drove his quad into a tree, his uninjured girlfriend Jennifer Boos, jumping free just before impact. The rider was driving without a helmet and suffered severe head injuries a possible fractured femur with suspected spinal injuries.

20 year old Jennifer, said they had a couple of beers and Mathew was driving kind of funny and she jumped off as they went down the embankment and saw twenty three year old Mathew hit his head on the tree.

The trapped rider was tended to by paramedics at the scene while the firemen freed him from the wreckage. The rider was taken by ambulance directly to the Health Centre and from there airlifted by a STARS air ambulance to Grande Prairie Hospital.

Although this was an exercise the emergency services treated this as a real-life situation with call outs going to the Ambulance Service, Fire department, RCMP and the STARS Air Ambulance.

The casualty, Mathew , on this scenario-based training exercise was a 165 lb ?Rescue Randy? manikin but it brings into sharp focus the number of ATV accidents of this nature that occur.

Pilot Greg Schmidt said in the fifteen years of flying that the Tumbler Ridge emergency services were the best he?d seen, during the exercise.

The casualty was in the ambulance 32 minutes after the first call went out.

The STARS helicopter takes 40 minutes to fly from Grande Prairie to Tumbler Ridge.