Fire Department Holds Demonstration

The general public was invited to attend an open house and demonstrations by the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department on Saturday, September 3rd, from 11:00 am-2:00 pm. Fire Chief Dan Golob, Deputy Matt Treitt, and a team of volunteer Fire Fighters including Doug Beale, Wayne Davies, Mike T, June Savard and Ian Leach coordinated the event. Others who helped were the spouses of the Fire Fighters.

Throughout the day was a general tour with tables and displays of some of the Fire Department?s equipment and procedures. The Tumbler Ridge Fire Fighters Association and ICBC co-sponsored auto extrication with the Jaws of Life. There was an ICBC table with pamphlets and information on safety belt use, installation of car seats for children and penalty for impaired driving among other concerns. ICBC also gave away promotional window stickers and pins bearing the catch slogan ?clicking in? encouraging wearing a seatbelt. The ICBC table was shared by MD (Muscular Dystrophy( information and fundraising items, such as packages of coffee also available at MD is the charity that is supported nation-wide by Fire Fighters. Hot dogs and pop, sponsored by Shop Easy and the Tumbler Ridge Fire Fighters Association, were offered free of charge, with collection of donations for MD in the familiar fire fighter boot sitting nearby.

The first visible table was just inside the fire engine bay as people could view the DVD presentation created by Sandy Treitt. As well, a slideshow presentation put together by Angie Collison had information on the Fire Department and pictures of the current team of Fire Fighters. Applications for volunteer Fire Fighters sat on a table and at least one person filled one out. The Fire Department strongly urges men and women to serve on this very worthwhile organization.

Several tables of interest throughout the tour included hoses and nozzles, SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) worn at almost every fire call, a first aid table with a rescue mannequin hooked to a sensor monitoring compressions and breathing. People were able to apply CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) to see if done correctly. There was sickroom equipment, personal protection equipment and a confined space display with a first aid mannequin dangling by harness from a rescue tripod that is used to lower into a confined space or deep cavity for retrieval purposes. It is used for either the rescue worker to get into the confined space or to bring a patient out.

The demonstration that garnered the most interest was the 1:00 pm auto extrication using the Jaws of Life. Interested on-lookers stayed put as several Fire Fighters went from demonstrating arrival on an MVA (motor vehicle accident) scene and followed through to the breaking of the dangerous shattered glass, entire removal of the car door where the patient was, cutting and removal of the roof from the car and then removal of the patient for emergency care. The safe removal of the patient within the ?golden hour? that all emergency personnel know to be a small window of time for best possible help, was met with applause from the crowd. The entire procedure took 35 minutes for demonstration purposes, but usually takes 20 minutes when happening in actuality. The car used was donated by Fire Fighter Doug Beale and intentionally crushed and rendered un-drivable for the purpose of the presentation.

Please consider applying for this volunteer effort. Interested persons may contact Fire Chief Dan Golob at 242-3939 for further information. Applicants must be 19 and over and should be in good physical health.