Fire Department responds to fire at Sanctuary Valley

Trent Ernst, Editor

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department responded to a fire burning at Sanctuary Valley on Sunday, April 11.

According to Fire Chief Matt Treit, the fire started accidentally and quickly spread through the dry grass, burning down the greenhouses on the property and making it into the trees before it was finally contained.

Because the fire made it into the trees, the Fire Department called the fire into BC Forestry, who made it out to the scene after about five hours; “They were a little delayed as one of their trucks broke down on the way out.”

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department was able to get the fire under control and turned the scene over to Forestry at about 6:30 that evening.

As the paper was going to press (Monday), Forestry still had four firefighters on the scene doing a final patrol.

The fire consumed about five hectares before it was contained.